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Nails :: Skin :: Beauty

Vita Rejuvenation Facial
$45 ½ hour $80 1 hour

A highly concentrated dose of pure vitamins combat pollution, sun damage and free radicals and leave your skin renewed.

Antioxidant C Facial
$45 ½ hour $80 1 hour

Infuse vitamin C deep into your pores to heal damaged and dehydrated skin and promote collagen production.

Sensitive Skin Facial
$45 ½ hour $80 1 hour

Your sensitive or irritated skin will feel soothed with this treatment that replenishes moisture and improves overall tone.

Acne Relief Facial
$50 ½ hour $125 1 hour

Give your follicles an overhaul with this treatment that deep cleans, extracts, exfoliates and massages. An oil fighting masque and high frequency therapy that eliminates bacteria also work to leave you with radiant, clearer skin.

Paraffin Wax Treatment
$10 Hands $15 Feet

Indulge your hands or feet with this sumptuous treatment that’s perfect for restoring moisture, especially in the winter.

Galvanic Facial

Slows visible signs of aging at the source. An alternative to facelifts.


Waxing and Threading

Eyebrows $20
Upper Lip $10
Chin $10-$20
Eyebrow s/ Lip Combo $30
Eyebrows/Lip /Chin Combo $35
Full Face $50+
Full Legs $70+
Half Legs $40
Full Arm $40+
Half Arm $25-$30
Underarm $20-$25
Hands or Feet $15+
Back $50+
Stomach $20+
Shoulder $20+
Bikini $45+
Brazilian $80+

Spray Tan